About me

My name is Kristjan Grm and I’m coming from Slovenia.
I work in a small company Omega consult located in Ljubljana. I have been working here as a programmer here since 2015.

My work consist of making web based applications - information systems. We use languages like Java, Javascript, Oracle Sql, HTML, CSS and web technologies / libraries like Java Spring and Angular.

I also like to expiriment with some Data science using Python and Jupyter Notebooks. This work consist of creating little scripts that fetch big csv tables and then do all kinds of operations on them. I’ll try to post interesting stuff here on my website.

Why I decided to create a personal website / blog

I decided that social networks are mostly negative thing for me. I rarely post anything but I often waste time by consuming stupid content on them. But time to time I get the urge to post something so that is when I redownload Instagram/Snapchat/facebook and post… So my solution is to post everything on my personal website. I achieve the same goal of documenting my life. Maybe this is even more personal..

My writting is probably hard to read, but I hope that by time I will improve.

Thanks for visiting my website. You can reach me by email kristjan.grm1@gmail.com